Help ! Code section messed up!

Hi !

I just discovered that something wrong must have happened recently to the code section. Some of my code has disappeared, replaced by contents of my other projects.

For an example: which used to be an adafruit motor shield driver has kept the original picture, however all its contents has been replaced by

Same for

I didn’t change the contents myself. I realized this when someone else on the forum is trying to make a driver for the adafruit motor shield, I was just about to point him to the correct code, but couldn’t find it :’(

Not sure I can find it back ! :-[

@ Joe, can you help fix it ? Thank you in advance !

Try editing to see if the others change as well. This should not occur.

I just tried editing and it’s still here.
I also tried editing one of the 2 pages which were lost, whithout improvement.

Sorry I didn’t clarify. Try editng the affected projects to see if they affect each other.This is extremely odd as these entries are older.

They don’t