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Help a Newbie with getting reliable results debugging


I have a solution (for Panda) that has multiple projects. I expected that the project set as the Startup Project would be loaded when i hit F5. This appears not to be the case. I am starting to wonder if I need a separate solution for each Panda code project and cannot easily switch between them as i imagined. Is that correct? What is happening when I set the Startup project and then tell it to run? What gets deployed? Thanks

And, what is the story with “Sometimes I have to reboot the Panda to start the debugger.” Do we need to hit the reset button before each run? It seems like maybe I do.

Great fun! Great product! Great community!


I have had this happen to me. I think this usually happened after a GHI SDK update. Did u just do an update? If you did an update, did you delete the GHI references and re-add them?

I think I also have had this happen when I had a MF project and a full .NET project in the same solution. In this case, I just split it into two solutions.


Your expectations are good :slight_smile:
The project set as the StartUp and the referenced projects will be deployed. The StartUp Project will run

Make sure you set the correct deployment device for all projects : project Properties-> .NET MicroFramework -> Deployment


@ Mike I have a solution with multiple MF projects and multiple FF (full framework) projects and and changing the StartUp Project works as expected :slight_smile:


Such fast replies - you guys are great.

I did update to the latest SDK before this started happening - but I am such a newb I had never tried it this way before. I did UNINSTALL the previous SDK first. I did UPDATE Firmware.

I have created a new solution with just the one project and now it works properly - I will go back and try the multiple project solution and double check the deployment stuff.

The symptom was that I often get “The system is not in an initialized state, rebooting” and it never finishes and sometimes there are deployment errors. It seems to help if i reset the Panda fuirst.


OK, I have double checked and it is definitely NOT loading the code from the startup project on to the board.

Project 1: Blink led 20/second.
Project 2: Blink 5 / sec.
Project 3: Blink 1 / sec.

I have startup set as project 1, but Project 3 gets run. But breakpoints from project 3 do not get hit (neither do BP in P1). The debugger seems to think it is running 1, but the code on the board is blinking 1/sec. I did make sure that the code on the board was previously blinking at a different rate, so i do know that something new was deployed and is running.


OK, I do have a solution that is working with a single project - with a blinking LED and an interrupt driven button handler! Woo Hoo!

So, maybe the multiple project solution I have is corrupted or something and I will just move on for now. I will add another project later and see what happens.

I really do appreciate you verifying that it SHOULD work the way I expected. I hope to be unnewbified enough to start contributing soon.


OK, now that I am back on track, this is way TOO freekin’ easy! Getting the interrupts to work was straight out “worked first time”. Works just like C# should. Getting analog inputs from the Joystick shield…worked first time! I am starting to expect that my projects with FEZ may just work the first time! This thing really rocks!


That is the what .NET MF, and FEZ is all about. Everybody tastes success :slight_smile:


Guys, I don’t want to pollute the boards, but I am so excited about my little successes and need a place to share it.

I now have my serial 4 digit LED class running using the Sparkfun part

I built it using the FEZ components model. It went really freakin’ easy.
I will post it to Fezzer when i get it documented.

My team has been building many of our most recent projects using PIC32. I am seeing that a .NetMF solution is definitely the way to go for some of our needs.

Thanks again for all of your help.



I know what you mean … I get positively giddy about how FEZ this stuff really is. I have tried to get more into the hardware side a number of times, but there were always so many hurdles and a long learning curve. With FEZ I can leverage my existing skills to do some really cool stuff. (Cool to me anyways.)

Looks like we are going to have a rainy day here in Texas tomorrow and that is a good excuse to spend the day playing with NetMF and skipping the yard work. ;D



We love hearing your FEZ stories


Guys, I am still having trouble understanding what is going on with multiple projects in a single solution. It really does appear that the debugger does not always pay attention to the project that I have set as the Startup Project in the IDE. I am back to my initial situation: I have a project that blinks the LED at 10/sec and a project that blinks 1/sec. For a while I can switch between them successfully. Now I add another project to the solution, and no matter what I do, it always deploys and runs the 10/second version of the code. But, I cannot set breakpoints in that code because the debugger seems to think it is running the 1/sec code.

This is very confusing (and making development more difficult). Any ideas about what is going on?


I’ve been able to work around that issue by selecting Build > Configuration Manager and only checking Deploy for the project that I want to deploy/debug in addition to setting startup project in Solution Explorer.


Thanks Hari. That would do it. I wonder why the issue is happening?