Hello .NET Gadgeteer World

I’m a 31 year old IT guy from the Netherlands and I’ve been interested in electronics since I was little. I know my way around in the Windows world (it’s what I do for a living), have been programming for fun since GWBASIC and took a dive into C# about a year ago.

It has always been a dream to build some kind of gadget, but never knew where to start (electronics are not my thing). Over the years I forgot about the dream…

Until I discovered .NET Gadgeteer a few months ago!

And now it has been on my mind ever since. I’ve been reading a lot on these forums and watched every Gadgeteer video I could find on Google. Recently I decided to go for it and order a FEZ Spider starterkit, but it’s out of stock in all webshops in and around my country and according to Mouser it can take 2 months before it’s available. :frowning:

The first thing I want to (try to) build is a internet radio streamer, and I think that the parts I need are in stock at Mouser.

Here’s what I have in mind:
[ulist]FEZ Spider mainboard
USB DP module
Wifi module
Music module
1 RGB LED module (to have some kind of feedback)
3 Button modules (Play/Stop, Vol down, Vol up)[/ulist]

What do you guys think? Did I forgot anything?

I want to buy as little modules as possible, because I’m planning on buying the starterkit when it’s back in stock.

Welcome to the forum!

Your list of modules looks good. I would add Ethernet module just in case. Always good to have wired connection while developing.

With what I’ve been reading about the troubles with the Wifi module I think that’s a good idea. Just start with a wired connection and get into trouble later when I have the rest of the code working.

Add to my project in the Mouser webshop.

What about display?

I have this on my list, Internet radio. PLEASE make it happen :slight_smile: I wish I had extra time for it.

Welcome to the community.

By the way, check out this thread as well:


godFather89 has a nice similar project.

I’m planning on buying the starterkit which includes a LCD, and I’m also interested in the OLED display. But both items are not in stock at Mouser.

Because I can’t wait any longer for the starterkit I decided to get started with as less modules as possible. Just an RGB LED to have a little feedback from the device.

I know how that feels. ;D Good luck and we are here to help!

This is what I’ve ordered:
[ulist]Spider mainboard
Ethernet module
USB DP module
Music module
SD Card module
2 x RGB LED module
3 x Button module[/ulist]

Should arrive in a few days! :smiley:

Looks like you’re set to have a lot of fun! We look forward to hearing about your projects.

Latest shipment status: “On FedEx vehicle for delivery”

Looks like the fun begins this evening! Too bad I’ll be in the office for the next 10 hours :frowning:

Maybe start by reading the ebook before you get the kit :wink:

@ Gus I’ve already read the Ultimate Gadgeteer guide.

My order is already delivered to my home, so when I leave the office in 3 hours the only thing on my mind is unpacking setting up my PC (I’ll probably do a fresh install of Windows 7 x64).

I’m an IT guy, so “RTFM” only applies when all other things fail :smiley:

You’re in for a treat, Mischa!

I only got started in microcontroller projects this past October, when I got my Spider kit, and it has been an absolute blast. :smiley: