Hello im a old shcool who had forgot to use the fez spider

How do i make my laptop recognize the device and where do i add the device in VS2013… Im lost. Can find Documentation anywhere. HELP!

edit: where do i get the fez update tool?

Easy, click on support then gadgeteer on the very top :slight_smile: that should have everything you need.

@ skratch663 - https://www.ghielectronics.com/support/gadgeteer

Another Documentation:


the problem im haveing is where doiget that fez sotware. i haveinsalled all the software but i can get the fez recognized on the system

@ skratch663 - then please go through the troubleshooting guide and let is know what you find.

if everything is installed, you should see the Gadgeteer and NETMF templates in Visusal Studio if you create a new project. Which Mainboard do you use?

Once you have everything installed

Imtrying to get get setup.

@ RoSchmi - where out ifind that?

Here is whats its doing. it wont recognice in usb

@ Duke Nukem - FEX SPIDER 1.0

@ skratch663 -
there is an issue in the latest versions: On the Spider Mainboard the loader cannot be updated on a Windows 8 PC. Try a Windows 7 PC.