Hello guys :)

Hi you :)…

I already posted two or three times on this forum and I didn’t say ‘Hello’ until now :-[…

So: Hello :slight_smile:

I’m a 30 year old guy from germany, who likes electronic things :). In my job I’m doing something completly different, I’m a paramedic ;).
Currently I’m playing around with a G120TH-board and a RS9110-Wifi-module.

My current larger project is a text-clock, like these from [url]http://www.qlocktwo.com/[/url], but a bit more geeky ;). The display consists of segment-LED-displays and I’m trying to get the time from an NTP-server, maybe it gets some more features if I have some ideas :). I have made a working version with a G30 SoC, but I killed more than half of them trying to hand-solder them on my PCB :'(, I uploaded some pictures if someone wants to have a look :).

What kind of people are around here? Are you all professionals or more hobbyists?


welcome ! Glad to meet you and glad to have you on the forum here

Hobbyist for sure, but nothing quite as far off my “day job” as you have ! Great to see you taking the breadboarding to a new level - that dual breadboard for the larger TH module is a great idea that I’m somewhat ashamed to say I hadn’t thought of !

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HELLO! :slight_smile:

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@ glx - Somewhere in between hobbyist and professional on my end. I’m a software consultant as my day job, so the hardware stuff is more of a sideline, though I’ve been paid to teach people about it, so you could call that “professional.” :slight_smile:

I’ve designed a couple boards (Gadgeteer modules) with copious input from the community to help me avoid most of my own dumb mistakes.


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@ glx - Well, “hello”, I am an employee although I am not quite sure what I am supposed to be doing so I just talk to people on the forum. And don’t listen to anything @ devhammer says about me unless it is something good… :whistle:

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Gary is quite helpful but I see you can already post images the correct way so be thankful he doesn’t have to help on that one. (It avoids you going on his many lists)

Like your spaghetti wiring. Reminds me of the old days when I used to use wire wrapping wire and proto-boards to buld 6502 based systems, These days I tend to just go ahead and make a PCB as the cost is so little.

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Hello! You were kind enough to introduce yourself.

and I still have not. :open_mouth:

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@ EvoMotors - Shame on you Evo.

Hello Evo Motors. Welcome to the forum. You’ll find many resources that can assist you in your embedded endeavors.

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Is there another way to post images? I couldn’t find another way ;)…

I just came home from working and I’m pleasantly surprised, that my ‘air-wired-device’ still works. It doesn’t do much at the moment, it just displays some stuff on the (very) small i2c-display, reads things from the SD-card (have you noticed my cool ‘micro-sd to breadboard adapter’ ;D ) and syncs the time via NTP every five minutes over Wifi. The Wifi-module kept crashing about every hour with a

 but now it works fine for about 12 hours :).. I just added some capacitors, so I think it was mainly a power-problem. I thougt my criss-cross airwires or the module itself were a problem. But there's still a strange problem.. I can't request an IP via Dns.GetHostEntry(.....).AdressList, this throws a SocketException immediately :(. 
The good thing I did last week was, that I have managed writing a (very basic) driver for the mini-i2c-display to show some text and it works :). 

[quote="Brett"] - that dual breadboard for the larger TH module is a great idea that I'm somewhat ashamed to say I hadn't thought of !
I think there would nearly exactly fit three of them next to each other (so one is between the TH-module), if you remove leave the small power-bars between them :)..