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Hello Do the development boards of GHI electronics support Bluetooth connection?


Hello Guys~

I wonder if the boards in the following links support Bluetooth or not. (including FEZ products) what I mean support is that do these boards have like an expansion board so i can use it to connect bluetooth?

  1. ChipworkX Development System

2.EMX Development System

  1. FEZ Cobra

thank you for your concern!


Same as on your other post GHI offers a bluetooth module here:

Also all the GHI boards (far as I know) support I2C so any I2C module is compatible.


Thank you so much for replying me Mr.Skewworks.

Haha, sorry I am a little bit of desperate because I need to do a project using one of the development boards to connect a bluetooth device…

so ~about the EMX module and ChipworkX, they don’t have this kind of Bluetooth Interface boards?

because the EMX development board and ChipworkX seem having more functions to me so I am just curious that is it possible to use The Bluetooth Interface board of FEZ with EMX or ChipworkX development boards?


The module should be compatible with any of the boards.

I’ve used cobra & chipworkx. CWX is definitely faster but I’ve always found cobra more than enough for most things



The bluetooth module on the site is serial, not I2C.

Any board with a serial port supports bluetooth. All the boards on this site support serial thus bluetooth. I just connected my own bluetooth module to my Panda. But i’m about to start a new thread about that… :slight_smile:



Why open 3 topics? If you are desperate I can understand that. But opening 3 topics won’t get you faster replies.

So, back on topic.

As said, all FEZ board support serial connections. Thus you can also use bluetooth modules.
The one on the website is indeed serial.



It’s clearly stated in the brochure.
Good luck :slight_smile:


Hello guys,

I am new here, I am sorry about opening 3 topics with same content at the same time. :-[

anyway, thank you very much for replying. :slight_smile:


@ Errol yeah that I2C was just a side note in case stan didn’t want the BlueTooth GHI offers I know there are I2C chips out there…trying to preempt another question, ya know :wink:


Hello guys, I am still confused~

I checked the pdf file of Bluetooth interface board.

it says : " Connected through standard JST3AA
cables (included) "

Since I want to connect the Bluetooth interface board to ChipworkX development board.

when I checked the spec of ChipworkX development board, I know it offers " Standard JTAG connector "

So uhh… My question is that can JST3AA cable connect to that " Standard JTAG connector " on ChipworkX development board?

I want to confirm it again because I live in asia, and it takes approximately 1 month to deliver the board…


I recommend that you use FEZ Cobra, FEZ Mini starter kit, FEZ Domino Starter Kit or FEZ Domino Starter Kit since it will be plug and play for you with that bluetooth board. Because they have these connectors at serial ports.

nevertheless, you can use this bluetooth board or any serial bluetooth bridge with any of the development boards we have. but that requires some hardware knowledge.

If you have to use FEZ Cobra, connect bluetooth TX to IO7 and the bluetooth RX to IO6. these IOs are used with COM4 on FEZ Cobra.
Take a look at FEZ Cobra’s brochure if you what to find these two IOs


The answer is ‘no’.
Because there are no JST3AA located on ChipworkX Board.
“The Standard JTAG Connector” that you’re referring to have nothing to do with Bluetooth Com port on the ChipworkX board.

take a look at distributor’s page:
may be the one that closest to you would be able to help you get what you want. there are eight of them in asia. And I know that at least in Singapore or Thailand have FEZ Domino and Bluetooth Board available.