Hello again to an old friend (Spider - EMX using TinyCLR 1.0.0)

A productive Saturday. I successfully worked through Gus’s three part tutorial “The power of Interops in TinyCLR”. Buoyed by this I set out to tackle porting, and was able compile and upload a TinyCLR v1.0.0 EMX firmware to an old Gadgeteer Spider Mainboard. A quick test with an LED Strip Module, as shown below.

Thanks to all at GHI Electronics, everything old is new again!


Oh that is fantastic. These posts make the extra work well worth it.


The Spider was the best and reliable board for NetMF … But still works great now with tinyclr… :sparkles:

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can i use G120 bootloader on
Spider II
and NetFm 4.3
and TinyClr (or it was only for just TinyClr)

Spider II use G120. TinyCLR will beautifully work on spider II.

but same bootloader can i use with netmf 4.3 too or it was TinyClr only

if it doesn’t work, easy to change back…

yes that i have in mind
but where i can find old bootloader for .netfm 4.3
to change back :wink:

same place you’d download the NETMF SDKs :wink:
Start at http://old.ghielectronics.com/support/netmf and you’ll find all the oysters !

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thanx a lot

now is time to go AHEAD with new TinyCLR
(now i have one more reason)

You can’t. It ships on G120. The new bootloader simply lives there as a secondary loader.

so can i use both or one of them …