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Heater Pilot Wire



I’m playing with my Cerberus, and trying to develop a heater manager.
I’m good with programming, but it seems that I forget everything with electrical problems.

So my question is about electrical heater and pilot wire control.
For what I understand, to control the heater, it’s a PWM signal to define wich mode use. And the signal is 220V ?
If I’m right, I don’t understand what kind of product do I need to transform a PWM signal from my Gadgeteer board to a 220V wire.

Hope you can help me.


The problem is the pilot wire standard is waiting different signals for différents behaviour.
As you can see in this image I need to simulate the first four signals (well the first one is easy, it’s 0)
The second one is just “let the 220V go”. I suppose for this a relay could do it, but the others one, how I control it ?