Heads up - Gadgeteer still rocks

Yesterday I had an evening with Gadgeteer. Our boy wanted to make a self-designed surveillance system, with pincode, camera and sd-card for pictures. We found a Hydra, SerialcamL1, KeypadKP16, SD-card and PIR-module in my old boxes, and 2 hours later we had a complete system running. I was actually impressed myself. Now we will mount in in boxes tomorrow, spending a few hours with sawdust and drilling.

This is truly unbeatable for learning to code and design systems, I dont need updates or serious fixes to Gadgeteer, just wish it will be available on the GHI site, please dont remove it.

And where is the community driven updates to the Gadgeteer Modules and boards?

Wasnt it good old Martin that had an effort there?


That is cool! I did the same thing with a young man that is trying to decide what he wants to do as a profession. He was interested in and teaching himself C++ and has an interest in electronics too. So I had him over and pulled out my large supply of Gadgeteer modules and showed him how to hook them up in the designer. I wrote him a simple app to read a button and turn on a LED on the LED Strip module. He loved it! I sent him off with a Spider, those modules, serial camera module, TE43 Display, relay module (v2.0) and told him I’m not responsible for him shocking himself with 110vac LOL, NETMF 4.2 installers along with VS2012. He is now teaching himself C# and working with Gadgeteer.

I think the Gadgeteer module was a great idea for teaching, hobby projects and even prototyping commercial applications. But I do understand that when it comes right down to it Cash Flow is KING and in order to keep current one must stay flexible and know the market.

Keep up the excellent work GHI!


We are still talking to partners to see if there is anything that can be done.


How old is your son? My 11 year old has not caught interest yet. Minecraft is all consuming it seems.

Not sure I understand you Gus, but do you know the status of Martin Calsyns repo work?

He is 10, and he is also spending a ton of time in Roblox and Minecraft, but having time with me in the workshop is also a favorite. Keeping things easy and approachable makes him curious. But yeah, its difficult.

I am just thinking. Wish I had those options when I was 10, not sure what that would have led to?

Well I am glad this generation is not hooked on first person shooter games. At least they are building things. Keep up the good work and keep us posted on your son’s engagement in this great micro electronics field.

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I had Radio Shack when I was 10 and a lot of outside play time, wouldn’t trade that with any kid today.

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Yep climbing trees, newspaper route, mowing lawns, romping in the creek.