There was a question about adding headers on the Panda for the new IO’s. I was thinking at the following : why not use such headers instead of short ones ? This way, the Panda could still be stacked, but this time on top of the shields (at least those that expose female headers) and this could leave room to add other headers on top of the board.

Or maybe not soldering headers and leave a choice to users : long or short headers to be soldered by him ?

Panda is labeled on both sides so you could use the bottom side if you like

Yeh I decided to mount the (male) headers for the extra IOs downwards. My plan is a special customised shield for those IOs

Brett, do not plan anything yet…wait for more news coming soon :slight_smile:

No i meant I had already done this, on my pre-prod Panda. Should I be regretting having placed my order half an hour ago? :wink:

HINT :smiley:

No regrets, see other post :wink:

no, none at all :slight_smile:

I’d like to mount the headers underneath as well, but I recall reading somewhere that desoldering anything on the PCB voids its warraty (not that I expect to need the warranty, though :slight_smile: ). Are the headers excluded from this restriction?

Soldering voids the warranty.