HD Camera available?

We would like to use a camera with resulotion at least 1600x1200 but I can’t find any above 640x480. Could someone point me into the right directions?
Find a gadgeteer compatible camera.
Use an USB Camera with driver?
Use an Ethernet camera.[/ul]

@ PerrierT - Welcome to the forums.

What are your requirements?
Remember you are running a device with very limited resources so anything over 640x480 iwill put a major strain on it.

@ Justin - Thanks for the fast answer and hello to everyone!
I’d like to take just a few photos when I get a trigger on a digital I/O. The pictures must be sent by gprs to a server then.
What FPS (or SPF) can be expected?

@ PerrierT - Well i believe the serial camera at 640x480 is around 0.5 to 1 FPS - there are some other threads about it.

Do you know how slow GPRS is?

The max upload rate for pure GPRS is 4KB/s. You are looking at around four minutes to upload a 1MB file.

If your modem supports EDGE then you can expect a max upload rate of 11KB/s which gives you 90 seconds per 1MB.

Thanks for your answers, I think we have to use some stronger hardware for this project, 0.5fps at 640x480 is not enough now. I’ve played with a spider kit earlier and thought this can be handled by such a stuff.
We use GPRS in many of our projects and we know about its limits of course.