Having an issue with Static IP

I was trying this example out on my Cobra board.

which worked fine. i have used MFDeploy and set a static IP , when it reboots it does indeed show the IP i set on the screen.

in that example when i comment out the DHCP section and un-comment out the static section it no longer works.

Any ideas why ?

Anyone ?

What IP address did you set using MFDeploy ?

What IP did u use on this line ?

NI.EnableStaticIP("", "", "");

What IP are you trying to connect to from the client (I assume the computer) ? Is it ?

What is the IP addres of the client (assume your computer) ? Are both on the same network ?

the address i used on MFDeploy was

I used NI.EnableStaticIP(“”, “”, “”);

I am using my computer to connect to it and my computer is

Both are on the same network. If i enable the DHCP it works fine. When i switch to static it dont not connect.

Can you ping ?

The 169’s in the line above should be 168. Typo?

Typo or “copy paste” wonders :slight_smile:

ya typo :wink:

@ Todd Stone, Great Catch!

I cannot believe i missed that!!! I must have looked at that 10 times. I better get my eyes checked. Boy do i feel the fool now ;(

Changed it and works just fine now, thanks guys