Have you seen this?

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Check out the schematics - proudly prototyped by GHI !

Looks like GHI’s getting credit for a little more than prototyping :clap:

So, why would anyone buy a OSD3358 BeagleBone TH Module for $88 when they can buy a full blown BBW for $69?

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Good point. Could be down to volumes. Possibly that the BB Org has purchased a large inventory of them and that would drive down the costs of manufacture. GHI on the otherhand with the SOM and TH modules may be making considerably less but it does beg the question of why you would use a SOM and TH module when the BBBW will allow you to have everything and only need to build a cape. I guess it is down to space available.

I suspect this is where @ Gary is going to chime in and educate me… But, my simple mind says that if GHI is manufacturing both the BBW and the TH boards and all the main components are shared then at least at the component level they should be getting the same volume discounts for both boards. I can’t imagine they buy some Octavo chips for the BBW then turn around and buy a different set of chips for the TH. Their assembly line is very advanced. It doesn’t take much effort to setup to assemble one vs the other.

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Very valid points. I hadn’t considered that the parts are the same :slight_smile:

And manufactured by GHI Electronics :wink: the partnership with the org has been great and beneficial to both.

After months of hard work, today the wireless will be featured at the New York maker fair. Please stop by! Actually Gary and I are in New York now.

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@ Gus - Do you think we’ll ever see Windows IoT Core running on BBW?

Because the module is smaller and fits in places that is problematic for me with the full sized BBB. Also, It gives me more control over the hardware and software knowing that it takes a bit more effort to get at the software if people don’t know it’s a BBB (i.e. security through obfuscation).

@ Mr. John Smith - and BBB is non profit, the others are for profit. The difference in priced is what feeds our kids and supports future development.


There’s an explanation that makes sense. Thanks.

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Wait, what? We’re supposed to feed our kids? Whoops.

No. But have you seen this?

“Please, sir, I want some more”.