Have new ChipworkX Dev board and have a couple of questions

Is the source code to the demo app that runs when you first power up the device available anywhere? There is a great multimedia demo on projects site, but it is for a older version of the framework … has anyone upgraded it to work with 4.1?


It’s on the wiki. Search “GHI demo”

@ Chris I think he’s looking for a version of the RLP video playback that works on 4.1. Maybe you should update the code for him; since you have a CWX and I don’t.

When you first power it up, it ships with the GHI graphical demo. No video playback.

By the way, the video playback project needs to be updated to 4.1 is anyone is interested in having some fun and extra points :slight_smile:

If the RLP files can work unchanged, I would be happy to tackle this. I need to do learn how this works anyways.


You need to recompile the code with the new linker scripts as RLP region has been moved. You do not need to write any code, just recompile the video playback object.

As far as C#, it is very minor changes.

I’ll do it … but it won’t happen today. I’ll have time tomorrow most likely.


The blog explain it all in details. It is old with outdated info but should be useful

Never knew about the blog … Found it with google.


I’m sure updating the RLP demo will be the first thing I do when my board arrives :smiley:

I already ported MFBricks over to the new FW.

Problem is that I can’t get past level two! There’s way too little time to kill all the blocks. First level is easy, second level… Not so much.

Please update the wiki with new project :slight_smile:

Still working on it :slight_smile: Just have two more bugs to fix.

While I’m on the subject, Gus, would it be possible to buy just a rev 1.5 CWX dev board, not including the CWX module and LCD? I was thinking about putting one of my dev boards on a projects, and using the other one for development/testing. I could then just swap the CWX module between the two.

We do not have such offer but if we have spare one then no problem

Ok, thanks Gus.

I might also just buy another one as well.