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Has Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) ever been done on the .NET MF?


Can the .NET MF handle SIP ? Does anyone know if there is anything out there for implementing SIP ?



I have’t seen it before but according to wikipedia it is a text based protocol over TCP and UDP so it shouldn’t be too hard to implement.

Remember this is C# and .NET so you can search the web for “SIP C#” and you may find what you need, like


Thank you.
we are currently doing VoIP with out present, embedded module that is not .NET MF.

When i discovered the .NET MF i though this looks like a good fir for that. I started doing a search for it on the net but being so new to the .NET MF i though that it would be best to start here since the guys here know it far better than i.


Please let us know if we can help


Is that something that we can pay GHI to do for us? Or is that not something GHI would be interested in ?


I can’t see why not, please call GHI and have a quick chat about it.


when i get up to speed on all of this i will do just that. Thank you.