Has anyone used FEZ Spider WITHOUT .NET or GHI SDK?

I have a compiler, gcc, for ARM.

Is it possible to run ONLY native code on the FEZ Spider?

Has anyone done this?

Maybe I can save my project by doing this?

What is wrong that is causing your project be be at risk?

Also, have you tried the RLP functionality that GHI provides?

It allows you run native code on the chip, while also running .NETMF simultaneously.

Unless I want to support ythe GHI code myself, I have to keep up-to-date.

Gus posted:
"If using gadgeteer then 4.2 is the only option. Otherwise you can use 4.1 if you like"
on another thread.

I upgraded 4.1 to 4.2 and now have to redo all my code. Create new Program.gadgeteer and copy/paste my code into the new project. That is a lot of work.

I can think of situations where I need help with GHI code or have to fix something there. Unless I keep up-to-date, I am on my own.

So you have 4.1 Gadgeteer projects that need upgrading to 4.2 Gadgeteer?

@ Tom Dean - You could also try opening your 4.1 project, set the Target Framework to 4.2 in the Project Properties. From there, highlight all references in your project, then in the Properties tab set the ‘Copy Local’ property to false, and the ‘Specific Version’ property to false, and run a clean build. From here, you would only have to update method calls that have changed, possibly some using blocks and a minimal amount of updates to any logic that may have changed. This is by far the easiest solution as running without NETMF would require you to write your own firmware as well as drivers for every module you use.

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Indeed, just update the target framework and references. Don’t use gadgeteer if you don’t need it.

I upgraded a project from 4.1 to 4.2 too (as James describes) on the EMX module (which is what is used on the spider). It was a five minute task :slight_smile: