Has anyone tried Scaleway?

They rent a dedicated server which is an arm7 cpu for $3.32 a month, and I’ve been trying to figure out what is the major down side of their solution. I can’t find any information about the specifics of their design, such as if they use ECC memory (as a real xeon based server would) nor can I find out any statistics on the MTBF.

So if anyone’s tried it and has real world experience, please share :slight_smile:

I’m skeptical that they can provide S3-compatible storage at roughly 1/250 of the absolute cheapest S3 price (glacier storage). Also, I calculated the monthly price at just over $16/mo. That’s possible if they’re doing lots and lots of business, but the “unmetered 200 mbit/s of bandwidth” seems unlikely to me. My bet is if you actually tried to use it heavily, you’d get a phone call pretty quickly.

Amazon provides you a free t2.micro instance in the free tier. A t2.small instance will run you just under $19/month, just for comparison.

@ godefroi - $16 USD? from €2.99

Ah, yeah, the pricing is confusing. I’m highly skeptical that they can turn a profit at 1€/month/instance. I’m skeptical that’d pay the electric bill. I think you should get one and let us know how it pans out :slight_smile:

I’ll be a lot more interested when .NET Core will run on it. That’d be a super-sweet setup.