Has anyone successfully used a GSM shield?

I see bits and pieces here and there on this but no-one that has claimed good success.

I’m looking for some advice as to what does and doesn’t work regarding different GSM shields, libraries, etc…



I used the SM5100B cellular shield (http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9607) with a Fez Domino without problems, but only for sending and receiving short text messages.

Here you can find some info:


Hope this can help you.



I’ve been using the TELIT 862 in the past…

Use it because of GPS and GPRS features.

Worked great. Using it, it allows me to connect to a internet server without any problem.
Controlled by using AT command, it was easy and fast to integrate it in my tracker project.

Nicolas, Toulouse, France

I in my project using Motorola G24(GPRS) and H24(UMTS&HSDPA) modems and worked great. Curently I using it on “AQ G24 GSM Terminal Card” and all what you need to do is connect it to UART1 on AQ board and put some TTL(3.3V) <->RS232 onverter between board(EMX) and modem board(AQ)…

I did some test on a GPRS shield.

I am in the middle to getting FTP working on a TELIT GE863 GSM/GPS module + FEZ COBRA, but won’t be getting back to that part of the code development for a week or two, as somehow stuck getting connection to FTP Server.

I have got SMS, HTTP, working a while back. I have also tried the TELIT GM864 with Omiliex shield.

I have been able to send MVC urls via HTTP requests to add records to ASP.NET databases.