Has anyone ran Linux on the G400-D Module

I am looking for a good supplier for an embedded board.

GHI is a company that has been around for a while and is very active in their forums. So to me GHI cleanly fits that bill.

I am looking for a very small embedded Linux board. Since Atmel has Linux running on their dev kit for the SAM9X35, i was thinking that one should be able to get the G400-D Module and the G400HDR Breakout board. Stick a SD card in it with a Linux distro on it and it would run.

Am i totally wrong here ?

For Linux or Android I use Olimex but the G400 running it would be interesting if not a little on the slow side but depends if you want a gui at the same time. I’ve used it on a 633Mhz board and it was slow enough on that. The Dual core A20 runs great.

Actually NETMF on an A20 would be interesting. :slight_smile:

Thanks, i have been looking at Olimex as well. Can’t make up my mind on using either the A13-SOM-512 or the AM3352-SOM.

Can be done on the G400

I have experimented on a pre-release G400, read more


I’ve tried to run linux on g400d module, but I had problem booting SD from u-boot.


Rajesh have done something about that.

@ Rajesh - ahaha you’ve replied in the same time… :open_mouth:

The A13 is single core and only a few UART ports. The A20, although more expensive, offers 8 UART’s and dual core.

Not sure of your IO requirements but for me running Android I went with the A20 and I have 2 RS485 and 1 R232 port in the design. Serial under Android works great.

While we are at it… can someone explain to me how I get a driver for some hardware that I want to integrate into my system when running Android. Lets say that I have an I2C device that measures temperature. I have tested some simple GPIO on the Raspberry in Python, which is OK, but the device driver is always missing when the device is not a simple one…?

Hi Niels,

I can help you with that one. You need a JNI to do this under Android. I’ll send you the code I use for I2C and it also supports GPIO.

You’ll need the Android NDK to build the source. Are you using Eclipse or Android Studio? I have a batch file that works under Android Studio (for Windows) to build the code and copy the files to the correct directories and it also cleans up the directory to remove those damned nul files that cygwin creates. You can run this directly within Android Studio.

You’ll need to do a bit of renaming but it will work nicely if you include the NDK as part of your system.

Dave, can i jump on that ship too ?
I also bought a Raspberry Pi - Model B+.
It’s a bit to large for my final needs but i am hoping i can learn a great deal on embedded Linux through it. My final goal is to use either the Olimex A13-SOM or the Arietta G25 as their size is what i need.

I have seen imaged for android for embedded devices but assumed that it was not really geared for doing the kinds of things we are doing. You comment to njbuch has me very interested in that now.

So can i assume we can also bit bang and do SPI as well ?

What are the preferred distros for boards like that?

For the Arrietta it is EmDebian ‘Wheezy’ Grip 7.4
For the Olimex is Debian as well.

PM me and I can send you the files I sent to njbuch which will allow GPIO and I2C under Android.The same method will also work with Linux I think as the underlying drivers are the same.


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From http://www.emdebian.org

I guess your statement will change soon?