Has anyone come up with a good way to mount the LED Matrix module?

It has the usual hole spacing, but you can’t get a screw in there without desoldering. Considering epoxy to mount threaded standoffs.


I haven’t tried mounting via the Gadgeteer holes…my thought was to build some kind of frame for it that would hold it in place via friction. The sides of the module have grooves, so perhaps you could leverage those somehow…

I don’t have one (yet) - I do have the sparkfun non-gadgeteer version.

I’ll see if I can work something up from the module dimensions and go from there.

Can you slide a nut in there and screw a standoff that has the male bolt coming out of it (motherboard type) into the nut and then another bolt through your mounting plate? Or just a long 4-40 bolt through the whole thing with a nylon spacer between your plate and the module.

Just gave that a shot, and looks like the answer is “no”. There’s just not enough clearance between the LED array and the PCB to get a standard 4-40 nut in there. You might conceivably get a low-profile nut in there, but you’d end up either with the nut/standoff assembly being quite loose, or with the threaded portion of the standoff poking into the LED array.

If I have a chance today, I’m going to try using some of the brackets that come with the Tamiya universal plates to see if I can get some kind of friction mount working. I’m doing another Gadgeteer presentation tomorrow night, and it’d be nice to not have this thing flopping around while I’m demoing. :slight_smile:

I’m leaning towards epoxying threaded standoffs directly to the backs of the LED matrix modules (where the holes are). Like Andrew, I tried fitting a nut in there, but you can barely get a washer in the available space.

I don’t blame GHI for mounting this one the way they did – you wouldn’t want the mounting holes extending beyond the bounds of the matrix because that would prevent chaining them together, but this one’s a tricky one.


@ Pete Brown - I just tried using some of the mounting brackets from the Tamiya plates, and while I was able to kind of get it mounted, it’s not terribly secure. Will let you know if I come up with anything better.

I’ll grab one of these in my next order and either print or mill up something that will do a press fit in the mounting holes and then having proper mounting options on the frame.

Sounds good. My mounting solution held up through transport to and from Roanoke, and worked fine during my demo, but it would be good to have something more secure, particularly since I ended up routing the ribbon cable under one of the brackets to lend a little more stability. The bracket isn’t super tight to the board, so I think it’s low-risk, but would still prefer to avoid that kind of cable routing.

One thing to make sure…because of the sockets, the back of the module does not sit evenly when resting on a flat surface, so your mount should only grip the edges of the LED matrix itself, and raise the whole thing up enough for the sockets to clear. Ideally, one should also be able to mount it any which way, so you can have the top facing whichever way you prefer.

Yep, the RGB LED module is the same way, thinking something similar would work for the Matrix module.

Will let you know what I come up with :wink:

You mean this one:


I don’t think they’re very similar, and the Multicolor LED module at least has usable mounting holes.

Yep, that one, as opposed to the LED7 - http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/318

Somewhat - the multicolor LED only has two, so to mount it on a Tamiya or other flat board, you have to use only the two mounting holes at the tops with standoffs or have it hang off of the edge of the board as I have done so far. To get any sort of stability with standoffs, you have to use the sockets/cables as the third/fourth “mounting point”. I have a design that I still need to tweak slightly that will allow the bottom of the PCB to either slip into a slot, or rest on a ledge to support the edge beneath or along the portion of the board between the sockets and have built-in standoffs. That way you could also amount multiple modules side by side without having a gap between them when mounting on a 5mm grid. The LED mount would then be able to be secured on a standard 5mm grid using 2-4 screws.

I’ll take a pic of the design, or at least upload a pic of the rendering once I do some more tweaking this afternoon.

OK. That makes more sense. I’m still not seeing how the two brackets will be all that similar, but at least now I get what you mean regarding the mount for the Multicolor LED module. :slight_smile:

Sounds like you’re keeping yourself pretty busy with mounting hardware…can’t wait to see what you come up with.

That and a couple of other things :wink:

Will let you know as soon as I have something to show.

I just ordered 10 matrix modules, have been thinking about different ways to mount them. I think I came up with a plan that will let you daisy chain the mounts and do edge to edge matrices.

Just need my good friends at GHI to send me a care package and I should have something prototyped by next week - hopefully in time for Richmond CodeCamp next Saturday!

Andrew, speaking of which, not sure when you are coming down, but if you want to make it down sometime Friday afternoon, we can play in the shop for a bit before heading to the speaker dinner.

Pete, you’re welcome to come along too if you’re in town and don’t have plans on the 5th/6th!

I’d already been contemplating coming down the night before. After 8 years, the same-day drives to Richmond, Roanoke, VB, etc. start to get a little wearying. :slight_smile:

I might be bringing Joseph along for the code camp…any concerns about having him underfoot in the shop?

Yeah, I agree. That’s a tough drive in the morning, especially for such a long day.

Absolutely not - as long as you don’t mind having him around Kevin Griffin :wink: I doubt I’ll be firing anything up that would involve flying shrapnel while you guys are in the shop!

I’m sure Buster would like the company while we geek out anyhow :wink: