Has anybody used VisualGDB before?

i came across this and it looks compelling


anybody tied it and has comments or recommends something similar?
wanted to get some feedback before i tried it out

Looks interesting!
$79 for embedded edition is not bad too.

I would like to hear how good it is as well.


I would personally rather use Code::Blocks or QtCreator if am using GCC. The advanced code completion in either isn’t as good as Intelli-Sense, but I’d rather deal with it than fork over money for something I can obtain for free legally. That is, if the point of your post was to see if it’s worth spending money on :slight_smile:

@ James - Have used Code::Blocks for embedded development with gcc?

@ MikeCormier - If you are targeting the Cortex cores (STM32, LPC11xx) then CoIDE is pretty good, I use it for the DL40 and on my STM32 Dicovery boards.


I have used this myself for a Cortex M0 project and it took a bit of work to get going.

The integration of the libraries is poor and if you start a new project, select all the libraries you need and try to compile, you are presented with a heap of errors. Not idea as it should just compile at this stage with no errors.

Saying that, the examples that are provided helped me to get it going and I had a small CAN bus project up and running in just 2 days.

It just need better work on the integration and cleaning up the libraries!

@ Dave McLaughlin - That is interesting, for the STM32 Discovery I did not have any issues it pretty much worked out of the box. And I did a complete port of the DL40 firmware to the libraries for the LPC1113 and I did not face any issues doing that either. I must have been lucky with the devices I choose.