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Hari, where are you?!


Anyone knows the contact info for Hari?

Looks like he is having fun with arduino and networking and I want to show him the new support we have for FEZ and how much easier things flow :smiley:

So, if you have his contact, let him know Gus has a gift for you :wink:


Hi Gus,
This is Hari.

A gift?! for ME?! :slight_smile:

I don’t see how to send a private message to you, so please e m ail me @
h wi gu na at g m ail

and I will reply with my address. Thanks Gus! and thanks to Ravenheart who alerted me of this form post!


I saw your video on arduino+ethernet and I was thinking you will have more fun with FEZ since we now officially support Ethernet on all FEZes.

Have you seen our video and post about Ethernet support?
Do you have FEZ? If so, why use arduino not FEZ?

Do not worry, the gift will come. I just need to know what you got :slight_smile:


Cool !
Always wanted a FEZ but decided it was too expensive, but when you put the Panda on sale for $20, I pre-ordered one.

No, I was unaware of that video. Is this it? WOW!!