Hardware Recommendation

I’m new to GHI and the available systems. I have an EMX 1.1 and a custom graphical LCD and am using VisualStudio and NETMF to work with it. Having some problems but won’t get into that here.

My point of this post is to get some recommendations for a new system, something like an EMX 1.1 and a CP7 display module. Both of these are obsolete I think, so what new system components would provide the same functionality?

Any suggestions are appreciated.


The G120 is the replacement for the EMX.

There isn’t really a commercial CP7 replacement available, but if you need 7" @Dave McLaughlin has PCB gerber files you can have one built.

If you ended up with a Gadgeteer socket based display you could look at the Spider2 or Raptor as the device you need (g120 and g400 based in that order) as you might still find some of those available