Hardware PWM capabilities

How fast can the PWM go on the Spider? Can it be used as a 1MHz clock signal for another chip?

If not, how about with the Hydra?

I’m trying to figure out if I really need an intermediary chip full o’ C code to do something I plan to do later this week.


Yes. 1mhz is actually slow :slight_smile:

Sweeeet. Now we’re talking.

Is that a C64 Audio chip ??

What is next ?

Music synth ? Text to speech ?

Just for the record, I thought I’d show that the Gadgeteer/Spider has no problem doing 1MHz PWM:

Socket _clockSocket;
Socket _dataSocket;

PWMOutput _clockPwm;
public SidInterface(int socketNumberData, int socketNumberClock)
    _clockSocket = Socket.GetSocket(socketNumberClock, false, this, null);
    _dataSocket = Socket.GetSocket(socketNumberData, false, this, null);

public void StartClock()
    _clockPwm = new PWMOutput(_clockSocket, Socket.Pin.Seven, this);
    _clockPwm.Set(1048576, 50);

Still not sure how much of this experiment will work, but that’s why it’s an experiment :slight_smile: