Hardware for the software guys, simply done the gadgeteer way

Ian Lee is teaching a class at the Nashville .NET Users Group. He decided to use the FEZ Hydra basic kit to show some “hello world” application. Actually a bit more than the “hello world” of embedded systems, he uses the light sensor, the joystick and the LED modules.

Read more: Software & Sawdust: Getting Started With a FEZ Hydra Basic Kit

Thanks for the link, Gus. That class was a few months back. If anyone’s going to be in the middle Tennessee area in Aug then I’ll be giving my “Tools for Surviving the Zombie Appocalypse: An Intro to Microcontrollers & Gadgeteer” at CoderFaire in Nashville on Aug 25th and again at the DevLink conference later that week in Chattanooga.



The most exciting news, though, is that yesterday I officially kicked off the creation of the Nashville Microcontrollers User Group! The presentation at the .NET User’s group sparked enough interest that I think a dedicated microcontroller user group will do well. We’re still very early in the planning stages and plan to have our first meeting in early October once I get through these other conferences and we find a good place to meet. Gus, I’ll be contacting you soon :wink:


@ ianlee74 - Congratulations on starting the user group and good luck, I am sure it will do well.

Thanks. It’s going to be a lot of fun. It’s been fun to discover folks in the area using FEZs and working on cool projects. It’ll be great to get us all together in the same room once a month or so.