Hardware failures specifically affecting in-field update feature

I am fairly heavily committed to use of the in-field update updates to fielded products.

And, I’m working on test plans for circuit boards. incorporating the G120 SOM.

The question that arises is a hybrid hardware/software question: is there knowledge of specific GHI SOM failures that can cause the in-field update to fail?

Currently, there is no plan to include the in-field update in our pre-build burn-in process for our controller PCBs.

However, I’m posting to the forum in case anyone has heard of this type of failure?

The update only happens when the entire firmware is verified. So technically the only point of failure is a power loss during the update. Much changed on IFU for TinyCLR 2.0. I will be sending you an email shortly about this. Let me know if you didn’t receive it please.

We are using IFU since 2015 and the only issues we have ever seen are:

  • Power issues during update
  • Deploying HEX file build on the wrong NETMF version (we have and in the field)