Hardware confirmation/advice. Amstrad E2 Keyboard. Cerbuino Bee

So, I got me Bee & I’ve done alot of reading but would just like someone to confirm my thinking as I don’t trust the internet or myself, lol.

I want to use the keyboard below with my Bee as the keypad/control of bluetooth & wireless devices eventually. To start I’m hoping to make a deployment so it will just write the keypresses to file.

Here, I have it’s pinouts: http://inputplus.co.uk/ralph/emailer/e2_pinouts.txt

Here is a picture: http://secure.key-electronics.co.uk/mailboard.jpg

From what I understand;


  1. Connect GND accordingly.
  2. Connect Data & Clock to 2 Digital pins & note. (D12, D13)
  3. Connect the last wire to the 3.3V pin.


  1. Create driver for PS/2 protocal. Similar to: http://www.tinyclr.com/codeshare/entry/297 using RLPLite.
  2. Load driver.
  3. Listen for KeyUp event.

It just seems a bit too easy, nothing in my life looks that simple. Can anyone confirm? Any suggestions greatly appreciated, thanks for your time,

Anyone worked with custom keyboards?

no, no direct experience.

What questions do you have? (BTW I can’t get to the image in the link you supplied in your first post, should I be able to?)

Sorry for the late reply & thank you for your input.

I can’t seem to find an image now, it was supposed to be of the Amsrtad E2 Em@ ailer pull-out keyboard.

I was just wandering if anyone could confirm my idea is correct & if anyone had any hints on where to begin to make it easier.


If a keyboard is PS/2 then it has a standard interface no matter what it may look like.

Thank you Gus. From my src it says;

  • Standard PC keyboard protocol with non standard scan codes.
  • When the bus is idle, clock and data lines are high.
  • The data line should be sampled on the rising edge of the clock pulse.
  • Data bytes are transmitted as follows:

I think to have all the information I need, for instance, it’s scan codes & pinouts, I’m just very worried about bricking my Cerb as the keyboard connection is 4 horribly thin wires & I’ve managed to brick just about every Android device I come near. Also, just trying to get a simple standalone LED to work it giving me nightmares too, knocking my confidence even more,