Hardware category on NetMF projects


is it only me or the “Hardware” category doesn’t appear on the left list of the projects page ? There are 2 projects in this category but they seem to be inaccessible if you don’t already know their existence and do some searches on them : USB probe and FEZ Moxa. :think:

The sidebar is a special Wiki page. Only Admins can edit it. New Categories will not shown automatically on the sidebar.

The category itself exists, though. The projects are accessible via search and via the category.

(link removed)

the category is not listed on the left though…

@ Robert : indeed. You can also get it via this link : (link removed)

@ RobotFreak : Ok. I’m not familiar with Wiki and didn’t know that. Had I known that before, I wouldn’t have spent so much time trying different things on my project page to make it appear :wall:

PSSSSSSSST Gus! ::slight_smile:

Could you add the category? :whistle:

If I remember right though, Gus said in DMFX (Marko)'s project post that we could add our own. I can’t find the post, because the search by user is not working :whistle:

I’ve added Hardware to the navigation.

Thanks, fast as always ;D

Didn’t see this post before Robert’s answer :o I think I’ve clicked on “Mark as read” too fast at a moment :wall:

Thank you, Josh !