Happy mother's day

I have been playing with these maxim led decided chips. That are very cool and easy to use. I wonder how many of these boards I can chain in a row!! They are very cheap.

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so, how many did you get up to ?

I saw this video post on LinkedIn. Double bonus for Mum, where your wife got time off from the kids PLUS a great message

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I have a couple more at the office but want to buy a few as well.

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If Greg or you or someone else would re-write the extension for 51bit/colorbit on github I will send you a Colorbit as seen in this video. Right now it works with Micro:bit only with an extension by the manufacturer. I am giving Colorbit away / I pay shipping to you. As far as I know they are not for sale yet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQn86_ATD2U

This simply uses a specific kind of addressable LED that requires very special driver in assembly. It can be done but requires a bit of work. Those LED kinds are used on many many many accessories and I have already it already discussed with Microsoft directly.

So yeah, that will be supported sooner or later. It might be too hard for you to do on your own.

Discussion here about 51bit by the author of 51bit/colorbit extension for MakeCode Microbit, translate to English: https://blog.csdn.net/qq_35893742/article/details/53415515 . I have some of his colorbit 25 led displays which plug in with 3 wires to give to any of you who have Microbits. Extension author gave them to me , I am giving them away. See my youtube video link above for info and message me if you are interested.You do not need to understand this in order to make the colorbit work with Microbit.