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Happy forth, gifts on the way


We were planning a double happy July 4th but ended up changing couple things. So, happy forth of July and the surprise to follow later this week :smiley:


I can’t help myself — fourth. And we’re looking forward to the surprise!


I am also looking forthward to the surprise!


@ Gus - later this week …
So we are wednesday, it remains tomorrow or Friday ! I bet on Friday.


Maybe we’re moving away from C# and over to Forth, and your grammar police alert misfired? :slight_smile:


I believe that there will be some new boards that are based upon Microsoft DOS and Microsoft Basic.


so many possibilities — may the forth be with you



I could not resist…


Where did that come from?!


@ Gus -

I thought you made it long ago?


Is that the “soon” clock that resets every day at midnight?