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Happy birthday FEZ cobra prototyping board


We just added a new FEZ Cobra prototyping board. This should make prototyping much easier.

See this image

We have this board separate or bundled with header and d-sub connector.

Visit the cobra page to see more details.

Hope you like it and have fun :slight_smile:


Many more happy returns - this is good. Do the DB9 traces go to the Cobra pins or do they need to be wired by the user ?


Looks really nice! Will there be an alternative side pane l for the d-sub connector?


Welp another 18 bucks i will be spending :wink:


No…connect to what? CAN or UART or what? You need RS232, RS485 or even RS222?
…too many options so we leave it up to you.

No current plans.


Wow! That is awesome! Will it be possible to fit a large breadboard on this? (the one you offer on your website?)

Cool! 8)


No but you can fit 2 small ones


Great! Thanks for the fast reply! :wink: