Happy Birthday Architect

Happy Birthday to a long time friend and confidant.



Happy Birthday to a most helpful and inspiring member of the community!

Thanks for all the help over the years!

It’s not my birthday but I will let Architect know that you wish him a happy birthday.

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@ Architect

many happy returns

… hope this is the year we start to see you like in previous days… :slight_smile:

… the new TinyCLR could be the magic potion to make this happen !

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Happy Birthday Architect. could always count on your cool headed point of view.

“you look like a monkey and you smell like one too!” :smiley: Happy birthday!

Uh…yeah, that was sort of the point…the subject of the thread is “Happy Birthday Architect” not “Happy Birthday Gary”.

Sheesh! :wink:

Happy Birthday Sir Architect!!
You don’t look a day older…

Music to my ears. Happy birthday.