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Handy gadget if you suspect your USB port


This thing tells you the voltage on your USB port, as well as the amount of power being drawn by the device:

I’d never seen something like this before, but I really like the idea. I’ve never used it, so I can’t vouch for the quality.


If on a lower budget see:

Not sure about the accuracy


This is funny.

(same device in that thread that RobvanSchelven pointed out here)


Huh, I should get my head checked.


@ godefroi - I am happy to realize that i am not the only one :wink:


I have one of these (I got the one from ProtaPow UK, but delivered by Amazon). So far I have been happy with it. It does not seem like it is really high quality, but it is still working after having been plugged and unplugged a hundred times.

Right now my Panda II (with Connect) is using ~220mA, which puts it at a little over 1W. Since it only reads in multiples of 10mA, it is best used for an indication of what is going on.

As an example, on a G120 the power usage will change considerably 10s to 100 mA from idle to full busy.