Handheld gaming console built with a classic Wii controller

Take any gadgeteer kit with a color display, add Valentin’s Chucky module, add some DIY mounting rig and you have a one-of-a-kind gaming console. I personally got to play with it at MADExpo 2012 and was really surprised to how well the display sits on the controller. It is very solid.

Take a look: Gadgeteer game console using Wii classic controller

The console was programmed with Pack Man game, which was developed by someone else in the community. I am sorry I can’t remember the name. Can someone remind me please?

Here is the game but now with the FEZ Spider kit inside a nice florescent game console. The design is available on ponoko if you want one!

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The name of the person who made the game is Chris Taylor aka taylorza on the forum.

I love this. I’d like to see a video of Architect playing the game with the Wii controller. :smiley:

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Those interested in the code for the game can download it from codeplex http://chrismcstuff.codeplex.com/

It includes a basic game engine with Pacman as the sample game.

I can confirm how easy it is to get running…I downloaded the code and had it up and running on my arcade enclosure at MADExpo in a matter of a few minutes. Only thing I had trouble with was figuring out how to hook up a button for reset. :slight_smile:

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Likewise I can confirm Architect’s Chucky module for Wii Classic Controller is easy to work with - I’ve already got it up and running and I haven’t even actually received it yet! It’s in the post but meanwhile I also got hold of a thing called ‘WiiChuck’ [link], and if I breadboard it with an extender to connect power, ground, and I2C pins SDA and CLK, and use Architect’s library [link], works flawlessly - two analog sticks and fifteen buttons out of one socket, tremendous.

I can’t take credit for this. Thanks to the amazing community and contributions that made this happen.

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Very cool, anyone know of something similar to MADexpo on the west coast?

Not that I am aware of, however we get requests to on occasion to have other venues… shoot me an email to spresley at madexpo dot us if you don’t mind - would like to discuss your interest further