Hacking Cerb40, extreme edition!

@ patc started with a standard Cerb40 that then ripped all tall components off it and used shorter ones. This is to allow the board to fit right under another PCB in an enclosure. When you think he is done, he went right into the firmware and modified it to add his own interops to handle time critical tasks. This is a perfect example how NETMF can still be used for low level and time critical tasks, which still enjoying the modern programming environment.

Is this a DIY pick-and-place machine?!

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.NET Micro Framework: http://www.ghielectronics.com/products/dotnet-micro-framework


Really a great job, and a very fluent image processing.

The only thing for me is how to achieve that goal without having to go thru the firmware which is not an easy thing for someone like me, how does not have anymore the low level knowledge to do so, and come from the high level c# programming ?

As Jatc said, one month ago he did know nothing about NETMF insider, but will I know enough after one month on FIrmware insider ?..

Maybe some helps ?

Thanks Patc !

I’ve to close my hardware design from here to the end of march, and I guess it will start for me by the beginning of april…

I guess some Q/R posts will follow soon to ask for technical improvments from all of you !


Very inspiring!

You really need ot document the whole thing. You will be everyone’s hero :slight_smile:

Looks great! How many parts per minute on average?

That is really neat.

@ Michael - How many parts per minute your setup does? :wink:

@ Architect - 360 parts per minute or 21,000 cph “chips per hour”

60 parts a second? WOW!

Are there multiple heads?

************* OOOOOPS 6 parts per second…

Even the 6 parts / second is impressive… if i look at the electronic engineers at my department… putting smd components on proto’s with a pincet :smiley:

@ patc - It is time to make it a little bit more consumer friendly, add/design some sort of reel/tape feeding mechanism and start offering it as a kit to DIYers.
Let me know if you need any help :wink:

@ patc - Awesome!

@ Mike - Yes there are multiple heads.

@ patc - That would be a no on that. I am curious to see what you come up with for the feeding system.


@ patc - Now that is an interesting approach, having the main pick and place drive the tape forward like that.

@ patc Interesting approach indeed. I would have gone straight to using a gear. I love people that think minimally. What kind if tips are you using?

I mean what suction tips are you using? I have some home made vacuum tweezers that need a better tip solution.