Hacking car parking sensor

Very interesting post:


This is for awareness of car users. Remote start systems are vulnerable to hacking and are apparently much better to get into than some people understand. You should “buy automobile” (hyperlink removed by Gus) that works with a remote start system.

troll post or serious?

@ jansein - what device do you own. I am only checking this is not a spam bot!

Interesting. Jansein’s reply seems to off thread, but still relevant. If it is a spam bot, that code isn’t very good :slight_smile:

ive often wondered about making up some of my own parking sensors. I dont think it would be that difficult but drilling large holes in the rear of my car kind of puts me off.
No a gadgeteer based laser rangefinder, now that could be useful :slight_smile:

Spam posts like this can often be crafted by real humans; it’s no longer unheard of to hire people to post this kind of thing for cents per post. There’s a heck of a lot of forums on the www so plenty of targets.

Unfortunately, Joe Grand’s laser rangefinder is low distance. I think a great device would be a “wake up, driver” sensor. Here in Sydney AU the traffic can be bad (not as bad as some places in the world, I know… but still…). The issue I often see, when I’m in it, is that drivers get pre-occupied after being stationary for several minutes and when the traffic moves again they don’t react, which just delays the whole traffic flow and exacerbates the problem. So what would be ideal is a sensor that can tell you when the car in front has moved further away and you therefore should move too. If only the general robotic uSonic sensors were waterproof, I’d have one on a Fez doing just this.

What about the long range sharp IR sensor? If I recall correctly then it has a range of 1m to 5m. And it can be made waterproof quite easily… Something like this? http://www.robotshop.com/sharp-gp2y0a710k0f-ir-range-sensor-4.html

Now thats a nice idea