Sparkfun just launched a hackable go pro like device:


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Nice one, i’m sure the FPV brigade will be looking at that.

Great camera module, thanks for sharing.

Nice… I have at least a couple uses for that :slight_smile:

Just saw the product showcase…looks like a pretty cool camera. A tad spendy, but could be fun. :slight_smile:

Ever hear of an “808 camera”? Sure, it’s shady, sure it’s from China, sure, it has quality issues, both in the hardware and firmware department. It’s also under $10 shipped.

Actually, we just did. Interesting stuff. There are newer ones what claim 1080p for 60 bucks (http://www.ebay.com/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270894808868&refid=store&ssPageName=STORE:HTMLBUILDER:SIMPLEITEM) Sounds too good to be true. Does anyone know about why these cameras are so “cheap”

@ kurtnelle - maybe because they send you the pictured car fob instead? at least they can say “what you see is what you get” :slight_smile:

The car fob IS the camera. It’s a tiny little camera. Hopefully, they do send you the pictured car fob!

Do a search in google. the quality can be horrible, the frame rate can be horrible, as can the dropped frames.

In some of them they claim HD but they take a low res imager and upscale the image in software. that does not improve the image quality.

All and all you get what you pay for, but i wont pay $160 or what ever sparkfun charges… :slight_smile:

I understand, thanks Errol

I can’t speak to the 1080P camera, but for under $10, the 808 cameras are good enough for me.