Hackaday: $7 WiFi module with a mCu

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That’s only cool if I can bypass the TCP/IP stack.

About 2 euro if you buy them in china…


Someone should evaluate this :wink:

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no fcc means only good for hobby stuff. You may have difficulties trying to import as well.

Thanks for the input – never would have thought of looking for that!

Could move production to china and let them put a C(hina) E(xport) label on :whistle: Who cares about quality ::slight_smile:

Your customers care…

I wanted this package…

But I didn’t want to wait for China so I bought this package on Amazon…


From HackADay comments, “The whole point of using FCC qualified modules is that as long as it’s the only transmitter in the product you can use the FCC qualification from the module.”

So it saves time and money, but do you have any reason to suspect it won’t pass FCC testing if you went through the process for your final product?

I’m wondering because I’d like to include it on a board, but eventually it might need to pass FCC testing.

I think that’s the point - if they don’t bother to qualify for FCC, or even potentially design with that in mind, then no matter how good your FCC compliance principles are you may well still be stuck with something that has no hope of passing. The alternative is spend more up front where you have that as your starting point; a much better outcome (unless your design screw up a perfectly good transmitter :slight_smile: )

who says it’s not fcc certified ?


at least it looks like fcc to me on that shielded version :slight_smile:
now who reads Chinese and can interpret…? tell us how much is that? me thinks about $2…


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That’s encouraging, thanks!

Unless it’s not legit and they just put it there to fool people.

I agree!! I wouldn’t be surprised if they faked it. If doing commercial work, it would be important to validate this.

well hey it certainly fooled me :wink:

especially this one ::slight_smile:

FCC OET Authorization Search (@ everyone - I didn’t include the period)


I hope someone will import these, maybe add a shield or whatever is required to pass FCC, then sell them with the certification. I bought mine off Amazon, they weren’t even available stateside a month ago. So that makes me hopeful.

A shield doesn’t instantly make a poor radiator or spurious emitter work nicely. It might constrain it somewhat, but it isn’t the universal “this will get me FCC certification”

@ untitled - don’t forget the spare $100k for said certification :whistle:

Does anyone knows the difference between FCC and CE regulations when it comes to this type of modules. I remember a computer that we developed in the past and sold in North America. While the device was approved against CE tests, it needed modification to get FCC approval.