Gyro or Accelerometer with Display and Touch not allowed?

Hello all,

I was setting up a project that would use the display, accelerometer and/or gyro but want to use the touch on the display too but it seems this isn’t possible.

In the designer if you have to display connected with touch, if you try and connect a accelerometer or gyro, none of the sockets are green and it won’t let me connect them. If I disconnect the touch input cable then I can connect BOTH the gyro and accelerometer. On the Spider there are 3 I2C sockets, one which is taken up by the T (Touch) socket on socket 10, leaving one on socket 3 and one on socket 4 but it doesn’t allow me to add them.

Is there a reason for this? Or a workaround? Because I’d like to use them all.



We have a bug, it is fixed and an update will be out in few days. It is on codeplex if you want to get the fix but I recommend you wait few days.

Ah damn, kind of wanted it today, oh well I’ll wait thanks :slight_smile: