GY-271 with HMC5883L

Has anyone used this board before? There is various online chat about it having either the HMC5883L from Honeywell or a QMC5883L from a Chinese manufacturer. The I2C address is different and so is the register layout.

I don’t get any of the I2C addresses to work. Scanning finds an address at 0x30 (dec 48) and not the 0x1E of the HMC version.

Reading out the registers, (14 or them) I get all zeros for the X Y and Z axis. The read back of the registers does not make sense. I am starting to think these boards have the so called FAKES installed.

When I write to the mode register 0x09 and monitor with the scope, the device is sending back an ACK so it is accepting the values.

I cannot find any documentation for this device with that I2C address. Very frustrating. :hot_face: