GXP Gadgeteer Bridge, the GXP Gadgeteer display adapter is here!

Today, we are excited to announce the release of the GXP Gadgeteer Bridge. The GXP (general expansion port) Gadgeteer Bridge allows any Gadgeteer display to be used with the FEZ Cobra III.

The GXP (general expansion port) is a new defined standard created by GHI Electronics that allows everyone to create custom display boards with a standardized connection. This standardized connection is a 40 pin 0.1" header.

GXP Gadgeteer Bridge: https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/548
FEZ Cobra III: https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/540


Very nice. I’m curious about the straight corners. Is that another new standard?

The corner is to match the look of the Cobra board. So, the cobra is still a cobra even with the bridge plugged in.

Ah… That’s makes sense. I forgot the Cobra was that way.

Can one company unilaterally/spontaneously define a “standard” :slight_smile:

@ Mike - Of course. They’re called “de facto” standards. All it takes is popularizing the “standard”. :slight_smile:

@ Mike - it is at least a standard that will be used on our boards. We hope the community will benefit from it as well.

Any chance there’s a chunk of solder bridges on the 0.1" header from the third photo ? Looks suspiciously like a double-row who has been soldered together by accident :whistle: .

Soldered together with plastic? :wink:

ok, I can imagine that… on this screen the colour is really quite silver and reflective. When I now look at it on my other screen I can see it’s obviously just the moulding. Cool, problem solved.

In future I should not use the browser on this screen… :wink:

Ah! you mean like BetaMax?

So… when is the G400 based board that uses this due out?

@ mtylerjr - is your credit card ready?

Myth. Betamax was not superior to VHS in the only way that mattered…recording length. People didn’t give a crap about video quality when it meant they couldn’t record a full-length movie off the TV.

Funny how things don’t change. Turns out that people largely don’t give a crap about 4K, or at least not enough to buy new and expensive TVs for it, just like they didn’t give a crap about 3D, or at least not enough to buy new and expensive TVs (and glasses) for it.

Don’t get me wrong. I love watching movies on a big screen. But myths about “market failures” like VHS vs. BetaMax are really more about companies misunderstanding what their customers actually want from a product.

I don’t know about that one. 4K is one of those things that when I first saw I said “I HAVE to get one of those!” Unfortunately for me and probably a lot of other people, it hasn’t been that long since I bought my 55" LCD TV and I’m not quite ready to say I’ve gotten my value out of it yet. :frowning: If I were buying a TV, I wouldn’t look at anything less than a 4K.

I wouldn’t buy a 4K TV, but my 4K monitor sure rocks the house.

(rocks the house - I’m probably too old to say stuff like that - I mean I really like it)

I had a 4K vector (not raster) CRT back in the 80’s (mom worked for tektronix)

Too bad it was monochrome (green)… and slow. But it WAS 4K

@ everyone - If GHI says it’s a standard then IT IS A “STANDARD”! :whistle:

and that’s exactly what I was thinking - why are these people questioning it ? Do they just want to rile Gary up ? C’mon, nobody really wants that…

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See that is why you are on the good list and why Ian is always on the bad lists (note the plural of list, meaning multiple lists)!

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