Gus recomends what smartphone

As many of us know from being around here a while. GUS is more like a automated computer forum answer machine than a human :wink:
(that’s a complement) He answers many posts day & night. In my wildest dreams i could never keep up with that man.
So since i am going to be buying a new smartphone, i figured that there is no better person to answer this question but him.
GUS, what smartphone would you recommend?

I am sorry I can’t answer such question :slight_smile:

But speaking of phone, I just got an android phone last week to replace my iPhone. It has only been about a week and I can see many great things about android but so far I am going back to iPhone. I am going to still wait few more weeks and try android some more since I have use iPhone for long years and I may have gotten used to it so I need time to adjust. I love how android gives you options for everything but I hate how “noisy” it gets. iphone do not give you options, just enough to keep things smooth, organised and get whatever you need done. I would probably like android more in a tablet than a phone.

By the way, such post should be under “off topics”

Don’t trust him Jdal, he has a robot with a smartphone.
In the picture you get last model he is using …

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I went BB, android now HTC 8X…personally im loving the 8 :slight_smile:

I bought a Sony ion, it was terrible. I was shocked because i have their tablet, and it is by far the best out of all the 20 tablets i have bought over the past 2 years.

@ jdal - 20, do you using them for chopping boards or something!!!

My main purpose for a tablet is to watch movies on. Great time killer when on a long car ride, doc office and so on.
I’d buy one because on paper it looked great while in reality is a whole other story. When i get it i discover there is lagging when playing a movie. So on ebay it goes.
Then i search for another get that one a find out the screen is just to dark, a guy wearing a brown suit looks black. so again on ebay it goes.
Been doing this for some time now. Until i found my new best friend amazon. Buy a tablet don’t like it send it back. This way i don’t loose any money like on ebay.

Finally got the Sony xperia S and could not be more happy with it. It far exceeded the others i had.

@ dobova - Be carefull! If you drop one of these you get an artificial earthquake :wink:

I recently upgraded from an Android (Samsung Charge) to a Nokia Lumia 920 (Windows Phone) and it has literally changed my life. Although the Android phone had most of the same functionality of the Windows Phone, I found myself not using it for much more than a phone because it was slow and really not well organized. The 920 is so quick and is better organized to become a useful part of my life that I find that I now use it for a lot more than just texting and the occasional emergency email. Oh, and the screen resolution is about double that of an iPhone so needless to say that it is a B-E-A-utiful device to look at. Also, the battery life on my Android was about 4 hrs. I have yet to get my battery below about 80% on the 920 after a full day of work. I can’t say enough good things about the 920 and Windows Phone. Highly recommended.

Also, if you plan to write any programs for your phone, Windows Phone is by far the easiest to program especially if you already know C#. I’m porting an Objective C app to Windows (all v8 devices) for a major cable company currently and the C# code is so much more elegant and actually performs better on the phone.

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@ ianlee74 - agree on all, i wont be going back…

@ ianlee74 - I also have a WP (7.5, Samsung Omnia W).
It simply works and it’s quick (as all WindowsPhones as I heared).
I can’t compare to android or iPhone, because it’s my 1st smart phone.

@ ianlee74, thanks i will have to look into that. I was skeptical of the win phones so never even bothered to look at them.

#Disclaimer I work for Microsoft.

I have a Nokia Lumia 800 now running WP7.8 and it’s an awesome phone. My wife has a Nokia Lumia 920. I have a 920 on order. I love Windows Phone. My Father in Law bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 because I didn’t work hard enough on getting him a Lumia, and it’s not very usable for him - and seemed so hard to set up for me, an IT guy… Maybe that is just my total absence from anything but Windows for years, but it’s not a device I’d choose for anyone wanting a phone.

@ Brett - #Disclaimer i DONT work for Uncle Bill :wink:

I had a HTC XL running jelly bean or want ever is was…i found it pretty easy to set up.
I went for the HTC 8X and the boss went for the S3…
I like the 8X much better and i wont be going back to Andriod or iOs…


Nokia Lumia 920 price OUCH!!!

Sorry, no can do. I would crap my pants if that fell out of my shirt pocket and hit the floor with a price like that.

this week my unlocked red lumia 920 should be arriving and then i’ll retire my what do you want to be today htc hd2 to the lab (likely as a wp 7.8 device). the kicker becomes my main development system, do I kick it over to windows 8 for phone development or leave it as is for gadgeteer development running windows 7.

My wife has a Lumia 800, and my daughters recently got the Nokia 620 (Windows Phone 8), they are totally stoked and it was a heck of a lot cheaper than than the alternatives that interested them. I am the only hold out on the Windows phone, but that is more of a practical issue than anything else, I refuse to carry more than one phone (one is already too many) so I only have my corp. blackberry.


I have an HTC 8x and I love the phone, in fact anyone that holds my RED HTC just loves it, I have a NOKIA 920 on order and can’t wait to play with it, NFC and Wireless charging has become a must for me, and i won’t ever go back to any other OS.
i’d recommend everyone to play with WP8 device, and yes it is corporate friendly and even kids friendly ask about the KIDS Corner you will love it if you have kids :slight_smile:


I’ve been able to develop for Gadgeteer on Windows 8 just fine. Yes, for now it means having two versions of VS, but it works for me.

As for phones, yes, with the same disclaimer that I work for MSFT, I heartily recommend the Nokia Lumia line. I’ve got the red 920, and pretty happy with it. My wife is still using the Samsung Focus 7.x phone I got her a while back, and it’s the first smartphone she’s been happy with. I’d tried her on a couple of different WM 6.x devices, but she never took to them. The Focus, she loves. Uses it for email and web browsing, and it’s the first phone she’s ever sent me pictures from.

Given that my wife is a homeschool mom, not a geek, that’s one of the best compliments I can pay Windows Phone. :slight_smile:

I don’t work for Microsoft, but I do love my phone, which is a Galaxy S II (AT&T flavor, but not the Skyrocket). The only other “smartphone” I have owned is a string of Windows Mobile 5/6/6.5 devices, which I hesitate to label smartphones, because by the time that shipwreck finally disappeared below the waves, it was so far behind the times, it’s just plain embarrassing.

Oh, and I’ve been developing on W8 since release (for my day job, but I don’t work on Windows Store apps). The only downside to W8 is that every time a Metro (sorry, “Modern”) app pops up, I want to throw a brick through my computer. Absolutely hands-down the worst use of 2 24" 1920x1200 monitors that could possibly be imagined.