GUS how do you do it?

GUS, i like most of us here subscribe to many forums. I would bet that no one here can mention any other forum where there is a guy (such as you) who is as active on the forum as much as you are.
I been around here for a few months now and you constantly blow my mind how involved you are in here.
I swear if i did not talk to you on the phone to know you were human, i would think you were an automated response computer;)

Doesn’t matter, day or night GUS is here answering peoples questions, politely too i might add.
So how do you do it, you got a blackberry tied to your belt with a band of extra backup batteries on the other side ? I thought last night i wonder how GUS is when he is at a barbeque. takes a bite and then answers a post, takes a sip of beer and answers another :slight_smile:

Bottom line is this for me anyways. YOU… “GUS” have more than proven to me your commitment to your company and the people here. It is for this reason and this reason alone i will use GHI products and not something from another company. So i just wanted to give you my highest thanks for all that you do!

P.S. this is also the reason why i push here all the time for a faster module (which i know is coming). others may have them, however i am a firm believer that your support those who supported you.

Amen! Gus is fantastic. And, I believe, secretly a cyborg.

wow! thank you guys :-[

I am basically addicted to this community. I believe in you guys more than you think possible. We are only starting the second year with FEZ and look at what you guys have been inventing. Can you imagine what will the community be able to accomplish next year, when FEZ is 1Ghz?! Oh god! I can’t wait.

Yeah, I will still be here. Day and night :slight_smile:

Dont forget to take some time for the family ;).

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

I’m fairly certain that Gus accomplishes as much in a day as I accomplish in a week. My only regret about joining this community is that I’m fairly certain I’ll never be able to give back to Gus & everyone more than a fraction of what they give me. But I’ll keep trying. Maybe one day I too will have FEZ powered cybernetic parts. :wink:

Can you imagine what will the community be able to accomplish next year, when FEZ is 1Ghz?! Oh god! I can’t wait.[/quote]

Sounds like a new product?

And Gus btw your rock!

This is bar none the best support provided by a company that I’ve seen. :dance:

While I don’t have much technically to add to the forum, I’m proud to be a part of it.

This is also the main (the best ?) reason why I’m using GHI products. :clap:

… and what you will do :whistle:

Thank you Gus :smiley:

I assume that is you, Jakub?

Yes, pick one :wink:

When i research products i read the “support” forums.
Most use “can you make a ticket”, can you use ‘PM’ etc, or have a very low number of topics and posts because anything slightly negative is being deleted.
Here i see all questions, mistakes, solutions, enhancements in the open and also no threads that end in flame wars.
This is really great!

No products ordered yet, but will soon after choosing which one(s) will be best for my application.

Gus, voice of experience here! Don’t burn out, have some family quality time too.
That way you can keep this up for years and years to come.

Best of luck!

@ Brainless I will follow your advice after we have 1Ghz FEZ :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community.

Right! After that there will be 2GHz or multicore something. ;D

Speaking of multiple cores.

This should be available next month:

How would that asymmetrical system work within Net MF? (not that I’m expecting it to happen anytime soon).

Would the M4 be the primary CPU, with the ability to spawn threads on the M0?

I see more realistic approach in offloading some of the RLP to M0.

I would love to see them figure out how to make all the NETMF overhead tasks work on one core and then be able to execute main program code on separate cores and be able to provide realtime execution. Or maybe make it switchable so that you can give NETMF a core to its own or share one with apps if you don’t necessarily need realtime.