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Guitar Tabs to Freq


I want to convert some guitar tabs to freq I can play on my robot speaker. I can’t find a simple conversion chart. Anyone have a simple method?


What do you need. Audio frequencies?

If so there on wikipedia

Cheers Ian


More indirect.

Tab Freq Example
E3 == e(Octive4) == 440
e3 == e(Octive7) == 660
A3 ==
D2 ==


I posted ALL the frequencies about a year ago (That’s when I noticed the search problem)

I’ll try and find them again

Cheers Ian


There were a lenghty discussion re: Generating Cool Tones using PWM.
And some post refering to the frequencies stuffs as well. Here’s the link:

Hope this is what you are looking for.


I got the frequencies. I need a guitar tablature (i.e. Tabs) to Freq conversion chart. For example, E3 is on tabs is not an E in octave 3, it is something else.


My apprentice plays guitar, he asks "is this what you need"—

Cheers Ian


OK, now it’s clear to me what you need.
The number in the tabulate is the fret number.

represent the fret #3 of the first string (the smallest string).

Here is the link to the pacge that explain how to read Guitar Tab.

Hope this help


It helps a little and I thank you both. Unfortunately, I end up with same question. For example, E1 on first string and E1 on 6th string are both F. But F’s at different octaves. I need the octaves so as to know what freq to play, or some other method. I am sure they is probably a formula that eludes me at the momemt.


The middle C is at Fret 3, on A string (5th)

see the attached image.

Addition note:

The middle C at Fret 3, on A string (5th) is the same note as C, at Fret 8 on E string (6th)


I wonder if “try it” version of these apps can help you:


If you want f.e. E one octave higher, you just double the frequency.


Here is the chart that I just made.
The freq. are in red.
I have no clue what would be the freq. of the #/b notes.
I hope you won’t need them.

Hope this is useful to you!
And looking forward to seeing the project turn out! ;D


@ Sam. Now thats what I’m talking about! Great. Thank you.


You are welcome!

There are also a lot of guitar tabs that show only the Chords, (play notes at the same time)
for example,
Chord C,

This is a thought that you might have to take it into consideration!
And good luck with the project.
Looking forward to seeing this project. :wink: