GUI update in TouchDown Event

I am designing a serial communication based Class. The class is inherited by Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation.Widnow. In a GUI I have design some buttons (Without WPF). The touchdown event of a window is common for window, so I will check the button identity and doing some serial communication. While this serial communication is under process, I need to display Please wait… in screen.

I have written the code for the same but it is executing after the execution of touchdown event. I have tried with using dispatcher too but it is giving same result.

Can anyone suggest some solution or work around?

Just making sure the issue is you want to display something on the screen [italic]while[/italic] processing some code but the update isn’t happening until [italic]after[/italic] the processing is done, is that right?

Yes, it is right. “The please wait…” message appears after completion of processing written in Touchdown event.

It’s probably an order of operation issue. Can you post a code snippet?