GUI Tutorial?

i have the Cobra board & 7" display…need to set up some buttons & sliders to activate functions & menus. Where are the GUI tutorials.??..bought the Cobra since it is “freakin easy” , but so far it hasn’t seemed that way. Have been blinking LED’s & such… but that’s not what I need. Have several years working with VB.

Try Glide. Just what you want !

And that can be found here:

I would hardly call this a tutorial…this is just the software installation…HOW to you set up and get a GUI working with the board? This really offers little (or no) guidance and explanation.

Aside from that, it appears this is a $1000 dollar program. Well, this board is advertised as “freakin easy” to use…I bought it and expect it to be so, without spending an extra $1000 on our project ! I could see if it were $50. For $1000 we could purchses a few PC’s.

All downloads and tutorials are on one page. Click on “tutorials” at the top of this page.

Glide is optional and probably not the right tool for your needs. Please stick to netmf built in graphics support.


What tutorial are you referring to? PLEASE PROVIDE THE EXACT LINK

I just need a few selection buttons & a slider to control a value (or possibly up/down buttons), Several buttons should pop up an additional screen having other selections.

Also, how do you set up a drop down (list) box?— may need that too, but wanted to ask all at once.

Please no need for uppercase typing. We are here to help for free and even on weekends.

There is a display tutorial on that page showing basic drawing concepts in netmf. If you need controls then you need to look into WPF but this still doesn’t gave controls like glide does. Look in “my documents” folder for some examples provided by Microsoft.

Jens kuhner book on netmf covers WPF as well.

Note that WPF performance is not ideal especially when using 7" display, which is considered large for embedded systems.

Yes these boards are frakin easy but as with any new technology there is little learning curve and this is why we are here, to help.

Just remembered, skewworks Pyxis OS us full of useful controls and they are all open source. Do a bit of googling and you will find it.

I looked at the LCD tutorials & all I saw was how to draw some green lines on the screen…there was no touchscreen input either, nor any menu.

How do you draw, say 4 menu buttons on the screen & detect/respond to their being touched? I would think this is a bare-bones suituation, that would be very simple to setup, with all the power of the built-in softwares.

I will check out Pyxis Spiral OS further, but it too seems a bit limited—and why do I need to go to another comapny & learn their products.

As Gus mentions Jens’ book is a good book to learn WPF on NETMF.

So you are saying there really is NO tutorial for a simple gui setup? I thought this was suppposed to be fast and easy. I need to show a customer demo in the next few days.

maybe the book can help (I hope)

Perhaps Glide is the only answer?

The answer is there is no controls built into netmf. You can use the low level services explained in the display tutorial to make your own control. There is also Pyxis that has many controls built in. Netmf has WPF but I personally do not recommend it.

Glide covers that missing netmf component and it is free for non commercial use

Glide is ideal for those who don’t want (or can’t afford the time) to learn the ways to build the fundamental components themselves. Yes that comes with a cost, as you say - only you can weigh up the benefit though.

As Gus says, Pyxis2 has some of this too, but you would potentially need to extract the components you need from those you don’t, and therefore also might have a larger learning curve.

There are plenty of code examples on the code repository, have you searched through those? You might find a gem there.

I think this video is a bit misleading, since Cobra/FEZ is sold as a quick and easy way to get things going, but apparently this is not, nor are there any tutorials to do the following:

[url]- YouTube

I will look into alternative libraries, I know this sounds like I am complaining, but people want me to give them their results–quick.

maybe I should have gone with this setup:


Is not cobra shipped with this demo?
You say that this files do not work:

Or Im miss something?

There is no deception here. The video show an implementation of the NETMF graphics libraries (WPF based). You could implement similar graphics once you get to grips with NETMF.

Amulet provides great GUI software and may require a graphics ASIC and board from to implement a solution. The host processor will need to communicate over serial. This is similar to the 4D systems LCD. Search the code site for examples of interfacing to the 4D system OLED.

The Cobra is NOT sold as a drop is graphics subsystem. It is a NETMF full development environment; everyone here will point you to examples. You need to implement your solution by understanding NETMF, WPF and the unique GHI libraries.

How familiar are with the NETMF WPF and XAML. ? Look at the following link for class documentation:

If you find hand coding XAML very difficult the following tool may help:


Ok…where is an example/tutorial to put up 1 button control that says “Press Here” …then when pressed the screen says “Thank you!”

Hoyt, although this is not part of netmf, this would be a nice tutorial to show how this can be done. Many of the things you see on wiki are community driven. Want to start a page on wiki with this tutorial?

[quote]maybe I should have gone with this setup:[/quote]

I have 3 of their kits. 3.5", 4.2" & 7". I discovered them before .netmf.
They are a handy solution for embedded that needs some serious graphics control without having the hardware with enough poop to handle the screen writes.

I am now where near a .netmf expert, but the little that i have been playing it, i can tell you that what GHI offers for LCD will give you FAR more ability than amulett can. Not to mention it’s more cost effective to use a GHI solution than amulett.