GT.Timer interval

Is it possible to change the timer interval based upon on user input?

I dont see why not. Just get the interval using something like Glide and use an Editbox or use +/- buttons and adjust the value.

I should have been more specific.

I am creating a project that uses 2 timers to control 2 relays. I have a 16 charachter display and the KP16 keypad for user input.

I have created my timers outside of any methods, so they will be available to all methods.

I assume that since creating the timers and setting the interval is the first thing my program does (even before the ProgramStarted() method), that the program will never run the code that creates the timers again to change the intervals.

@ industrialGadgeteer - If you have a reference to the timers you can change the interval.

Given your updated description, @ Mike is entirely correct. You have a reference, then just change the interval.

Are you not able to at the moment? If so, then maybe post some code so it can be analyzed. The guys on this board are great and extremely knowledgeable. Just remember to format as code if you do.