GroveStreams - New IoT Platform is a new IoT platform. We quietly went live back in September and are starting to let others know of its existence.

Another user of the forum pointed out that there are many IoT platforms and it’s getting hard to tell them apart and has asked me to create this thread identifying what makes us different. We haven’t used any other IoT platforms so it’s really hard for us to compare ourselves to others. But, most of current users have come from other IoT sites and their responses have been very positive.

Here’s what I believe makes us different:

  • We’re new and still very small and listen to our users. Most of our enhancements have been user driven since we went live
  • We support Random and Interval stream data
  • We support custom time rollups as data arrives and allow rollups to be graphed, queried for, used in calculations, and in event detection
  • Our entire user interface is built with our public API. Build your own interface if you need to
  • Streams can be derived from expressions that can include any other streams in your organization or their rollup statistics
  • Interval stream gap detection, automatic gap filling, time filters, custom units, component templates
  • Organization blueprints: Create new GS organizations based on existing orgs.
  • Small users can use us for free
  • And the other standard IoT stuff that we do know about: Multi-axis graphing, custom dashboards, embeddable widgets, public organizations, alerts and notifications, automatic component registration, mobile or fixed component geo tracking with Bing maps, user security

More information can be found at the explore link on our home page:

Mike Mills, GroveStreams, Founder

Hmm, if you want some user from here, just post a netmf code sample on code share. The more sophisticated the better.

netmf - sure. We’d start with something simple and go from there.

Thinking about the FEZ Cobra II (WiFi):
and the Temp&Humidity Module:

We can create an example that feeds up temperature and humidity into GroveStreams within the free limits.

We don’t have any experience with those boards so let us know if we’re on the wrong track. The main requirement is an Ethernet connection.

Would that example be helpful?

Actually the guy you want to get a hold of here is @ ppatierno as he writes killer libraries for systems like yours. He wrote the .Net library that I use for ThingSpeak for example (μPLibrary) and I just finished a demo project for MQTT using another one of his libraries M2Mqtt. You can find some of his stuff on CodePlex here

A simple temp/humidity example would be great. A library that wraps all you functionality in NETMF code would be awesome, but I realize that’s where we come in. I bet you could get somebody here to do it if you sweetened the deal with the hardware you mention above and/or some access (above free) to your site.

NETMF does not have the nice “do most of it for you” XML and JSON libraries that it’s bigger cousins do, but some forum member created libraries can be found in the codeshare that will help.

If someone wants to volunteer to create a library and some sample code, we’d pay for the hardware and we would let them use GS for free (with a couple of conditions).

Reply here or send an email to us if you are interested. You can find our email address here: Contact Us

We have three stream Feed PUT APIs to register new devices and upload data. The library would probably use #1 or #2.

  1. Simple (no JSON) API passes all of the feed information as part of the URL (no http body):

  2. Simple JSON API. The JSON can be very simple so no JSON library would have to be required - just some string appending:

  3. Advanced JSON API. The most capable API, but not as easy to use:
    Batch Feed

I dont have time to assist you, hopefully someone will raise their hand.

But based on the API-options alone, it looks promising :wink:

A clean url-data model would not require any samples, so focus on the advanced ones…

What normally scares me is the authentication-stuff which quickly grows over my head. For example the twitter api-key and token stuff.

I am ready to take it for a spin when you library is ready!