Graphical demo

My teacher has give me a graphical demo of V4.1 is there any graphical demo of V4.2 to donload to compare? Because 4.2 has not al the assemblies of V4.1

Device: Fez Cobra
.NET micro framework v4.2

If you’re talking about Cobra I and not Cobra II it doesn’t support 4.2 anyway. You have to use 4.1 for Cobra I

Cobra I is EMX. You can load 4.2 on it.

@ Skewworks - the cobra one uses the EMX module which has 4".2 support.

phew that is good to know. I would not be too happy to loose both USBizi and EMX at the same time :slight_smile:

Yes guys EMX is here and is staying for a while :slight_smile:

Ah, right! Sorry, I can only run 4.1 b/c I’m using the old WiFi on it which was removed from 4.2