Graphical 128x64 UEXT Display driver Issues

I connected the UEXT display to fez_cobra however i am having some issues with the drive the initialize is asking for a FEZ_Pin.Digital.UEXT3 which is not under the API. I have all the latest install but the there is no UEXT* values at all, only IO, LED and Button enumeration values.

I have noticed, as I also have a Cobra, That ther are two assemblies FEZCobra_GHIelectronics.NETMF.FEZ and GHIelectronics.Hardware.EMX that define pins used on the boards… I think the driver was specifically written for a Domino or Mini so you might want to include the “FEZCobra_GHIelectronics.NETMF.FEZ” assembly so you can reference these items you’re speaking of…

But!! UEXT isn’t a member of FEZ_Pin.Digital on the Cobra its only on the Domino and Mini
So you may want to edit the diver so suit…
It’s quite simple to do as the pin names and IO functions are written on the board, just change them as nessesary !!

Cheers Ian

Thanks for the prompt reply Ian. I did that passing the same values:

ResetPin = 3
CommandPin = 4
SelectPin = 10

Unfortunetly i dont get any text or graphics printed on the screen I am using the same example in the document. I only get buzzing sounds when trying to write to the screen.

We’re sad aren’t we… sunday morning… everone else in bed.

Anyway I have a screen winging its way to me. However I’m putting in on a Panda… When you say “ResetPin = 3” You may have to specify “IO3” But I dont think you can use IO10 as you can guess its for the buzzer “IO4” is okay its for button down… I would change the select pin to “IO9” as it serves no other purpose

IO3 is for Com1. Incidentally! where are you picking up the SPI? on the UEXT header? because IO26 and IO75 are free!!

Cheers Ian

Try :

FEZ_Extensions.Graphical128x64Display.Initialize((Cpu.Pin)3, (Cpu.Pin)2, (Cpu.Pin)26, SPI.SPI_module.SPI2);

I have been looking at the UEXT header on the domino…vs Cobra

Cobra vs UEXT
3.3v = 1
Gnd = 2
IO3 = 3
IO2 = 4
IO75 = 5
IO49 = 6
IO38 = 7
IO36 = 8
IO35 = 9
IO26 = 10

Therefore pin 10 means “IO26”

Confusing but workable

Cheers Ian

Thanks guys, it is working now.


Keep me posted…

Like I said. Mine should be here in a day or so…

Cheers Ian

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